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Here are OSPC we believe God loves all people, Christ died for sins and rose again, and that we enter into relationship with God through Christ by faith. Fellowship, prayer, learning, worship, giving, caring, mission—all of these aspects of faith in Jesus are part of our day to day church practice.


At OSPC we are blessed with an active music program, a creative children’s Sunday School program, Bible-centered adult Sunday School opportunities, biblical preaching, and dedicated believers who seek to make a difference in the lives of others. To that end we collect food for local pantries, distribute food baskets at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. We support Carelink in the Quad Cities to help with those in need, and Presbyterian missions both near and far. We do more, but you get the idea!


We are small enough to feel like family, and large enough to worship and serve in the ways God would have us do. We love seeing new faces, who soon become our friends.


May you “feel” the truth that the Lord loves you, and he is near.




Text Box: What Is a Healthy Church?
Karl Vaters, a columnist for the magazine Christianity Today, recently pondered in a short article what makes for a healthy church?  He wrote that people typically view larger churches to be more healthy than smaller ones.  That, however, is not necessarily true, but it is a common misconception, especially in our American culture where “success” is connected to “size.”  The following paragraph sums up his point.
Health and size are two different things, and they require two different types of measurements. A healthy elephant is bigger than a healthy rabbit. Their relative sizes have nothing to do with their relative health – or relative value. In fact, a rabbit the size of an elephant wouldn’t be healthy at all. It would be a horror movie – literally.The same is true with churches. They can be healthy or unhealthy at any size.The issue, when considering the health of a church isn’t “how big is it?” or even “how fast is it growing?” but “is this church a rabbit or an elephant?” and “is it a healthy one?”
In this season of Lent, as we reflect upon our walk with Christ as individuals and as a church community, it may be worthwhile to think about what makes a church healthy, and, more relevantly, what makes Our Savior Church healthy?
It is God’s love in us and through us that makes the followers of Jesus truly unique.  So, we are “holy,” that is, set apart not by anything that makes us better or superior to anyone else, but because nowhere else in this world do people find acceptance with one another despite their differences, shortcomings, and failures. We are literally carriers of the love of God, called to share this “treasure” with everyone.  
The measures of health for any church, then, are seen in the ways we live out the love of God.  The four primary areas for doing this are worship, discipleship, community (fellowship), and mission service. 
·       Worship – As the Word draws our focus to Jesus, we learn to live according to the attractions of God’s eternal kingdom rather than the distractions of this temporary world. In this encounter with the Living God we become the Body of Christ, serving as God’s priests to our neighbors, family, friends, and enemies.
·        Discipleship – Following Jesus means learning to love God, serve God, and become more like Christ.  We do this through obedience to the Word (the Bible), and we walk this path of trust by learning about God’s promises, deepening our practice of prayer, knowing the Word of God, becoming authentic in character, seeking to serve others, and sharing the Good News.  
·       Community – The healing power of the Holy Spirit moves in our life together to mold us into God’s own people.  As the Scriptures declare, “…let us encourage one another...” (Hebrews 10:25) and “…confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed (James 5:16).  In this atmosphere of affirmation and accountability, people can encourage each other to live by faith rather than fear and experience the guidance and care of the Holy Spirit in each other’s lives.
·       Mission – The ministry of Jesus the Christ continues in this world through his disciples.  Every Christian has a unique call to service, and every Christian body is called to equip every Christian to serve.  In the light of the Scriptures, the guidance of the Spirit, and the wisdom of fellow disciples, people can receive the courage to follow God’s call for them and experience the freedom of serving others in Christ’s name. 
So, we may not be the biggest and brightest congregation in the Quad-Cities area, but our health as a congregation is not determined by this.  We are to be what God wants this church to be, and this can be seen in how well we are doing in these four primary areas of worship, discipleship, community, and mission.   
Are we a healthy church?  How are we doing?  What are we doing well, and where do we need to improve?  
In Christ’s Peace,
Pastor Will